About Adel

Educated and Experienced

  Adel is a highly educated, and experienced health and fitness professional. He has earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Human Performance at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU). During his time at Central, Adel completed a variety of internships to further his skill set, which he has utilized in a variety of roles. Over the past 8 years Adel has had to pleasure to work for physical therapy clinics, private personal training & group exercise studios. For the past 3 years Adel has managed the Health & Wellness Centers for Anthem Inc. offices of Connecticut. Never losing his love for sports Adel has stayed active as a competitive mixed martial arts fighter, and has had the opportunity to serve as the sport performance coach for a variety of combat and non-combat athletes. Aware of the importance of proper diet and supplementation to health and performance Adel has  used his time working in the natural supplement market to gain a wealth of knowledge. He advises many of his clients on proper nutrition, and use of dietary supplements.   

Holistic Approach to Training

Adel is a proponent for a holistic and intelligent training. Recognizing the merits of all types of physical and mental training, Adel has extensively studied, and furthered his training in functional anatomy, barbell training, the teachings of Pilates and kettlebell movements. He is one of only three individuals to hold the Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) certification, in the state of CT. He uses all these methods and more to further the training of his clients.

Proven Track Record

Adel is a driven professional with a proven track record for getting his clients results, no matter what their goals are.